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Personalized services and cost-effective therapy management solutions

Acro Pharmaceutical Services (Acro) is more than just drug distribution and prescriptions-by-mail. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized services and cost-effective therapy management solutions to all our customers.

Our medication distribution capability enables us to fulfill and deliver specialty medications and prescriptions by mail, directly to patients and physicians on a national basis. Acro’s state-of-the art distribution center, along with our stringent processes, ensures that both patients and healthcare providers receive the appropriate medication and supplies at the right place and the right time. Acro also provides comprehensive clinical reviews to safeguard against drug-drug or drug-disease interactions, duplicate therapies, efficacy and dosing accuracy.

Patient Case Management Solutions

Acro provides comprehensive pharmacy care and case management to individuals requiring maintenance injectable medications. Our pharmacists and clinicians are specially trained in high-risk conditions and are highly skilled at helping you manage complex medication therapies. We follow “Best Practices” guidelines and use evidence-based protocols for managing appropriate therapeutic utilization. Our patient care management programs focus on compliance, adherence to drug therapy and appropriate utilization. The goal of each program is to increase the number of patients who will achieve the desired clinical result by improving patient compliance to the prescribed medication regimen.

These programs are developed to perform three basic functions:

  • Emphasize prevention of exacerbations and complications utilizing evidence-based practice guidelines and patient empowerment strategies.
  • Evaluate clinical, humanistic and economic outcomes on an ongoing basis with the goal of improving overall health.
  • Support the physician or practitioner/patient relationship and plan of care.

Clinical & Pharmacy Services

Acro Pharmaceutical Services’ Centers for Clinical Excellence provide the on-going training and monitoring of all clinical activities. Our pharmacists are trained to provide patient-centric care of the highest quality while understanding the importance of cost-conscious care-giving. That’s why managed care companies have found Acro’s Clinicians easy to do business with – because we understand the complexities of managing their cases cost-effectively. Acro’s clinicians will reach out to case managers, alerting them of the opportunities to save money while keeping their members satisfied. Some of the services provided include:

  • Initial Patient enrollment in program
  • Development of patient care plans
  • Case management notification, coordination & reporting
  • Patient education, training, and compliance monitoring
  • Follow-up patient counseling
  • Clinical coordination and documentation
  • Outcome Reports and benchmarking

Supply and Delivery Services

Acro Pharmaceutical Services provides on-time delivery of drugs, supplies and equipment necessary for the administration of therapy. Our service includes a 24-hour, seven-days-per- week, emergency toll-free telephone line.

Administrative Services

Acro Pharmaceutical Services prides itself by working closely with each new client to assure proper implementation and smooth, seamless administration of the contract. This is achieved with face-to-face meetings with key client personnel to aid in building relationships and guaranteeing a high level of service. Our Contracts Liaison will discuss your intake needs, case approval processes, eligibility and coverage.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy compounding services are conducted in our state of the art licensed pharmacies. Pharmacy services include obtaining any and all prescriptions necessary in the preparation of admixed I.V. products customized to each patient’s requirements. Pharmacists provide consultation and assistance to physicians and are always available to assist case managers.

Patient Care Coordination

Patient-care coordination is the process that oversees multiple aspects of therapy for patients receiving specialty drugs. Because specialty-drug treatment may change frequently, patient-care management includes monitoring for:

  • Adequate home or office inventory levels of the drugs
  • Adherence to prescribed drug regimens
  • Continuity of care
  • Coordination of home-care services
  • Patient assessment screening surveys
  • Ongoing prior authorization requirements
  • Eligibility or benefits changes

Patient-care coordinators work in conjunction with licensed clinicians to provide comprehensive clinical management services. By providing patient-assessment screening surveys at each refill, patient care coordinators assist the clinical team in identifying high-risk patients and adverse clinical events at routine intervals.

Clinical Management

These services bring the added value of disease management concepts to pharmacy, with critical pathway management and targeted, proactive clinical interventions at specific intervals throughout treatment to optimize clinical outcomes. Ongoing, objective measurement of clinical-outcomes indicators specific to the disease and its treatment is paramount to quantifying the success of care-management strategies. By evaluating clinical measurement, Acro can document and provide treatment outcomes to clients.

Our Model for Excellence


Personalized customer service to providers and patients that is unique in today’s market.


Ensure timely delivery of specialty medications by leveraging our multiple locations and pharmacy licenses in all 50 states.


Robust chain of custody tracking with pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers. Acro never purchases products from the secondary market.


Fair unit cost pricing plus additional cost savings through health plan related clinical programs.

Specialized Utilization Management

Leading the industry in ensuring REMS guidelines and protocols are followed for injectable, infused, and high cost oral drugs.

Active Therapy Management

Getting the most clinically effective and cost efficient care to the patient exactly when they need it.

Reimbursement Assistance

Helping to navigate through complex medical and pharmacy benefits and financial assistance programs to successfully initiate and adhere to therapy.