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We know what matters

Acro Pharmaceutical Services (Acro) is a URAC accredited specialty pharmacy that manages a wide range of complex injectable, infusible, and high cost oral therapies that require special handling, clinical oversight and outcomes monitoring. Our customers benefit from the experience of veterans in specialty pharmacy that led the evolution of the industry from drug access to providing evolved therapy management programs. The management team’s experience provides a unique set of capabilities to serve our patients.

Utilization Management Benefits

  • Review of drug criteria against each payer’s policy to assure appropriateness use
  • Collect data on diagnosis, required services, diagnostic test results and symptoms
  • Comparison of medical information to medical necessity criteria

Other Payer Aligned Services

  • Coordinated care with hospital discharge planners
  • Notification of catastrophic cases
  • Coordination of infusion services with physician office, home or ambulatory infusion site

Adding value to your bottom-line

Our strategy for specialty drug utilization management consists of providing clinical staff with the knowledge and expertise to align payers’ policies and case management functions, resulting in drug appropriateness and accurate use of benefits. Acro’s approach focuses on efforts to reduce drug wastage, avoid additional medical services and mitigate unnecessary hospital stays by closely managing complex cases with payers.

Acro’s 340B drug program can achieve improved costs for all stakeholders. By serving as an extension of a qualified health care facility, Acro can help lower drug costs to payers and their plan sponsors while improving the follow-up care to patients.