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Patient Experience You Can Count On

Acro Pharmaceutical Services (Acro) communicates with patients, in harmony with the provider and payor, to ensure that appropriate disease and drug education is provided and, when applicable, training on therapy administration occurs. If patients transfer from an existing pharmacy, we go to great lengths to facilitate a seamless transition with other providers and the payor. We also ensure that patients with chronic conditions maintain proper adherence and compliance via our outcomes monitoring programs.

Our new patient welcome packet includes:

  • Disease and drug information
  • Medication refills forms
  • Tips for success
  • Patient support information

Acro patients receive:

  • Customized shipping and delivery
  • Access to a live clinical expert 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Education, counseling and support
  • Specialty Therapy Management Programs

Our multi-disciplinary approach to managing injectables is created and maintained by developing a detailed, individualized patient care plan. This approach empowers patients to maintain independence and quality of life through the management of their chronic condition. Acro also helps control expensive specialty treatment costs by delivering only the appropriate levels of care based on disease, prescribed medication and patient risk.

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