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Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving the lives of patients with superior, cost-effective specialty pharmacy services and an individualized approach to care.

Executive Team


Greg Isaak

Chief Executive Officer
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Brett Furchner

President, Specialty Pharmacy Payer Networks
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Robert Raffalo

Chief Operating Officer
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Susan Castillo

Vice President-Specialty Pharmacy Product Development
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Anthony Mottola

Vice President, Pharmacy Trade Relations
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Acacia Strachan

Acacia Strachan

Director, Clinical Pharmacy
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Sue Anne Donnelly

Accounts Receivable & Reimbursement Director

What is Specialty Pharmacy

While a retail pharmacy is ideal for patients who need common or short-term medications, a specialty pharmacy is designed to provide additional support and cost savings for patients dealing with chronic illnesses and complex medical conditions. A specialty pharmacy offers a level of personalized care that helps patients and their caregivers better understand and follow their treatment plan in order to improve patients’ health and well-being.